Drug And Alcohol Addiction

A drug when used for non-medical purpose is known as drug abuse. Drug or alcohol dependence is a state characterized by a compulsion to use a drug or alcohol frequently to experience its effects. It can be in the form of tolerance, habituation, or addiction.

Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Program

The psycho-therapeutic treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is commonly referred to as Drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab program, or drug rehab. The treatment aims at helping the patient to overcome the dependency on drug or alcohol in a planned manner. Extreme use of alcohol and drugs can cause severe psychological, legal, economical, and physical damage. Worse still, it can turn into a menace to society as drug addiction leads to criminal behavior.

Various programs are available for drugs and alcohol rehab. Some rehab centers have age- and gender-specific programs. The treatment can be in the form of residential, outpatient, support group, and halfway houses. Halfway houses help in reintegration of the people back to the society with help and support. They reduce the risk of relapse or falling back into the habit again.

There is no easy way out of drug or alcohol addiction. The addiction did not happen overnight and there is no quick fix treatment to overcome the addiction either.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is not a condition. It is a physiological disease. The treatment starts with the chemical detoxification as there are high levels of undesirable chemicals in the body. Detoxifying a patient is monitored by professionals to reduce the possible risk involved. The period of alcohol or drug detox is extremely uncomfortable and at times highly fatal as it can result in convulsions, seizure, and even heart failure when not managed carefully.

If the individual was involved in the substance abuse for only a short time, the body can detoxify itself. In case of severe abuse, detoxifying chemicals are induced into the body to counteract the activity of specific receptors. This neutralizes the effects of undesired chemicals, therefore reducing the craving for the drug. During the detoxification process, patients are given mood stabilizers and relaxers to aid the process.

Once addicted to drug, a person will not have much choice. It is like a disease. They simply cannot give up the habit. The only way out of addiction is by seeking help through a private drug addiction treatment center.


Getting off the drugs may appear simple, but it is a completely different matter to stay off it. The period after the completion of detoxification is the most critical part of the drug rehab treatment. The intense desire to heal should come from within. Patient education is also an important part of the treatment as they must understand the effects of drug or alcohol abuse on their lives. They have to learn to manage the stressors and triggers which led to drug or alcohol abuse in the beginning.

Everybody is entitled to a happy and addiction-free life. Do not delay the first step toward the journey of alcohol treatment and drug rehab. Take that step now for a happier and better future.